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Sushi places in the West Island

I wanted to know if there were any good places to go for sushi on a Saturday night in the West Island, which are located along some bus routes? Any suggestions welcome.
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I've never been, but I'm told that the sushi place at the Blue Haven shopping mall on St. Jean road is pretty good. The 201, 205, 206 and 207 are the main buses that go by there.
There's SoHo Sushi on St-Jean blvd, in the mall next to Fairview (in between the Moe's Deli and a Microbytes), they're probably the easiest to get to and are quite tasty. You can reach them at (514)630-0123 and read a review of the food here

Also, there's Maiko Sushi on Des Sources, corner of Brunswick. I believe that one is on the 215 bus route (runs between Cote Vertu Metro and Fairview Terminus). They're a bit more upscale than SoHo, which means you'll get nicer decor, slightly better sushi and a more expensive bill.
Yellow pages entry here, though it seems their website is no longer active. Call them at (514)684-3131.

Hope that helps :)
Soho sushi is what we have decided on. Thanks a ton for the suggestion!
You can get Sushi at a place called SoupeBol, in the mall beside where Vichy's used to be. The 208 stops nearby.

Also Oko Sushi, on St-Charles, the 201 goes fairly close by.

Right in front of Galeries des Sources, corner of Des Sources and Brunswick (the mall right behind Maiko Sushi!) there's a place called Aikawa. It's quite expensive though, and not very casual at all. Buses 208, 214 as well I believe stop nearby.
I hear the one at Soupebol is pretty good!
The 208 route would be completely out of the way, as we are coming from Beaconsfield. I believe we are going with Soho Sushi after all. Thanks!