Ford Cov (fordcov) wrote in westisland,
Ford Cov

hey folks

So I was wondering, anyone know a good General Practitioner in the West Island that isn't overloaded with patients? I'm looking to find a regular doctor for checkups and such, and am having no luck so far finding anything other than free walk-in days. Because I'm very particular about my physical self, I'd really like to find a doctor I could build a bit of a rapport with, maybe see more than once in my lifetime. As it is, I'm still pestering my pediatrician when I'm in a pinch, but seeing as I'm going on 28 I think it's about time to move on.

Feel free to reply here or email me at ford(dot)cov(at)gmail(dot)com to discuss further.

Me and my aging body thank you in advance :)
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